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"Before you speak, ask yourself:

Is it kind?
Is it true?
Is it necessary?


Does it improve upon
the silence?"

Sai Baba

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Center for the Contemplation of Nonduality and Mindfulness

The following can be pointers toward understanding ...

Authors / Books

Adi Sankara (Search Amazon for Adi Sankara)

  • Powerful Quotes from Sankara

Adyashanti (Search Amazon for Adyashanti)

  • Falling Into Grace
  • The End of Your World: Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment
  • The Fabric of Reality: Weekend Intensive with Adyashanti
  • The Impact of Awakening: Excerpts From the Teachings of Adyashanti
  • True Meditation: Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness, w/CD Audio]

A.H. Almas (Search Amazon for A.H. Almas)

  • Essenz
  • The Unfolding Now: Realizing Your True Nature through the Practice of Presence

    Note: A.H. Almas is a pseudonym for A. Hameed Ali.

Alan Watts (Search Amazon for Alan Watts)

  • Become What You Are
  • The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are
  • The Way of Zen

Amanda J. Clark (& Robin Craig Clark) (Search Amazon for Amanda J. Clark )

  • The Garden: A Non Duality Love Story

Amit Goswami (Search Amazon for Amit Goswami)

  • God Is Not Dead: What Quantum Physics Tells Us about Our Origins and How We Should Live
  • The Self-Aware Universe

Amit Shetty (Search Amazon for Amit Shetty)

  • Simple Absolute Presence: The End of All Spiritual Seeking

Aryadeva (Search Amazon for Aryadeva)

  • Beyond the Sea: Three Books of Mahamudra & Buddhist Nonduality
  • Cutting Through - The Prajnaparamita Upadesha of Aryadeva

Bear Jack Gebhardt (Search Amazon for Bear Jack Gebhardt)

  • Happy John: An Advaita (Non-duality) Gospel

Bentinho Massaro (Search Amazon for Bentinho Massaro)

  • Relaxing as Awareness: Instant Stress Relieve (CD)
  • The Emptiness of Perception

Burt Harding (Search Amazon for Burt Harding)

  • Hiding in Plain Sight

Byron Katie (Search Amazon for Byron Katie)

  • A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are
  • I Need Your Love - Is That True?: How to Stop Seeking Love, Approval, and Appreciation and Start Finding Them Instead
  • Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

Catherine Noyce (Search Amazon for Catherine Noyce)

  • No You and No Me

Darryl Bailey (Search Amazon for Darryl Bailey )

  • Dismantling the Fantasy

David A. Cooper, Rabbi (Search Amazon for Rabbi David A. Cooper)

  • Invoking Angels

David R. Hawkins (Search Amazon for David R. Hawkins )

  • Devotional Nonduality Intensive Series includes Alignment; Conviction; God, Religion, and Spirituality; Intention; Serenity; Spiritual Traps; Transcending Barriers; and Vision ... Search Amazon for Devotional Nonduality Intensive
  • Discovery of the Presence of God / Devotional Nonduality
  • Homo Spiritus: Devotional Nonduality Series (Dialogue, Questions & Answers - December 2003)  -- AUDIO
  • The Eye of the I from Which Nothing is Hidden

David Loy (Search Amazon for David Loy)

  • Nonduality: A Study in Comparative Philosophy

Dean Radin (Search Amazon for Dean Radin)

  • Entangled Minds
  • The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

Douwe Tiemersma (Search Amazon for Douwe Tiemersma)

  • Non-Duality: The Groundless Openness

Eleanora Gilbert (Search Amazon for Eleanora Gilbert)

  • Conversations on Non-Duality: Twenty-Six Awakenings

Erin Reese (Search Amazon for Erin Reese)

  • Ramesh's Grace: A Simple Story of Waking Up

Francis Lucille (Search Amazon for Francis Lucille)

  • Eternity Now
  • The Perfume of Silence (with Rupert Spira)
  • The Transparency of Things

Fred Davis (Search Amazon for Fred Davis )

  • Beyond Recovery: Nonduality and the Twelve Steps

Gangaji (Search Amazon for Gangaji)

  • The Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance

Garab Dorje (Search Amazon for Garab Dorje )

  • Summation of Nonduality - Two Short works of Garab Dorje & the Six Vajra or Diamond Verses On Dzogchen with references to the Sanskrit

Gary Renard (Search Amazon for Gary Renard)

  • The Disappearance of the Universe: Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness
  • Your Immortal Reality: How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death

Gary Zukav (Search Amazon for Gary Zukav)

  • Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Ocerview of the New Physics
  • Soul Stories
  • Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power
  • The Seat of the Soul: Emotional Awareness

Gerald G. Jampolsky (Search Amazon for Gerald G. Jampolsky)

  • Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All
  • Love Is Letting Go of Fear
  • Teach Only Love: The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing

Gina Lake (Search Amazon for Gina Lake)

  • Anatomy of Desire: How to Be Happy Even When You Don't Get What You Want
  • Radiance: Experiencing Divine Presence

Greg Goode (Search Amazon for Greg Goode )

  • Standing As Awareness
  • The Direct Path

Hale Dwoskin (Search Amazon for Hale Dwoskin )

  • Letting Go: Transform Your Life - Transform the World

Henry P. Stapp (Search Amazon for Henry P. Stapp)

  • Mind, Matter and Quantum Mechanics
  • Mindful Universe: Quantum Mechanics and the Participating Observer

J. Jennifer Matthews (Search Amazon for J. Jennifer Matthews )

  • Radically Condensed Instructions for Being Just as You Are

Jac O' Keeffe (Search Amazon for Jac O' Keeffe )

  • Born to be Free

Jalal ad-Din Rumi (Search Amazon for Jalal ad-Din Rumi)

James Braha (Search Amazon for James Braha)

  • Living Reality: My Extraordinary Summer With "Sailor" Bob Adamson

James Bender Swartz (Search Amazon for James Bender Swartz )

  • How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Nonduality

James M. Corrigan (Search Amazon for James M. Corrigan)

  • An Introduction to Awareness

James Swartz (Search Amazon for James Swartz )

  • A Conversation on Non Duality with James Swartz: How to Attain Enlightenment and Vedanta Meditation (AUDIO)

Jean Klein (Search Amazon for Jean Klein)

Jed McKenna (Search Amazon for Jed McKenna)

  • Jed McKenna's Notebook: All Bonus Content from the Enlightenment Trilogy
  • Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing

Jeff Foster (Search Amazon for Jeff Foster)

  • Life Without A Centre

Jerry Katz (Search Amazon for Jerry Katz )

  • One: Essential Writings on Nonduality

Jiddu Krishnamurti (Search Amazon for Jiddu Krishnamurti)

Joan Tollifson (Search Amazon for Joan Tollifson)

  • Nothing to Grasp
  • Painting the Sidewalk with Water: Talks and Dialogs About Nonduality

John Greven (Search Amazon for John Greven)

  • Oneness: The Destination You Never Left

John Wheeler (Search Amazon for John Wheeler)

  • Awakening to the Natural State
  • Clear In Your Heart
  • Full Stop!

Joshua Norager (Search Amazon for Joshua Norager)

  • 36 Nondual Exercises
  • A Concise Manual of Nondual Awareness

Ken Wilber (Search Amazon for Ken Wilber)

Kiley Jon Clark (Search Amazon for Kiley Jon Clark )

  • Body Of Infinite Simplicity: A Guide For Homeless Meditation Practitioners

Larry Dosey (Search Amazon for Larry Dosey)

  • Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine
  • The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things: Fourteen Natural Steps to Health and Happiness
  • The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives

Leon James (Search Amazon for Leon James)

  • A Man of the Field, Volume 1: The Struggle Against Nonduality and Materialism

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (Search Amazon for Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee)

  • Love Is a Fire: The Sufi's Mystical Journey Home
  • The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul
  • Sufism: The Transformation of the Heart
  • The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

Martin Ball (Search Amazon for Martin Ball)

  • All Is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality
  • Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution, and the Fractal Energetic Nature of Reality
  • The Entheological Paradigm: Essays on the DMT and 5-MeO-DMT Experience and the Meaning of it All

Maitripa (Search Amazon for Maitripa)

  • Ten Verses on Reality by Mahamudra Master Maitripa

Matthew King (Search Amazon for Matthew King)

  • Non-Duality America: From Mainstreet to the Heavens

Michael Jenkins (Search Amazon for Michael Jenkins)

  • The Escape Artist's Handbook
  • The Nonduality Diary: A journal of awakening happening

Michele Doucette (Search Amazon for Michele Doucette)

  • Turn Off The TV: Turn On Your Mind

Milton Scarborough (Search Amazon for Milton Scarborough)

  • Comparative Theories of Nonduality: The Search for a Middle Way

Mooji (Search Amazon for Mooji)

Nagarjuna (Search Amazon for Nagarjuna)

  • A Lotus in the Sky: Songs of the Middle Way
  • Song of the Three Bodies of Buddha or Trikayastava
  • Song of the Diamond of the Mind or Cittavajrastava

Nisargadatta Maharaj (Search Amazon for Nisargadatta Maharaj )

  • I Am That
  • Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nassim Haramein (Search Amazon for Nassim Haramein)

  • Black Whole

Nathan Gill (Search Amazon for Nathan Gill)

  • Already Awake
  • Being: The Bottom Line

Nick Gancitano (Search Amazon for Nick Gancitano)

  • Be Still and Know I Am God: The Direct Path to Knowing God Within

Nirmala (Search Amazon for Nirmala)

  • Gifts With No Giver: A Love Affair With Truth
  • Living from the Heart
  • Nothing Personal: Sseeing beyond the illusion of a separate self
  • Satsang with Nirmala: Experiencing Oneness (DVD)
  • That Is That: Essays About True Nature

Paul Long (Search Amazon for Paul Long)

  • God is Love: Free renderings of the poetry of Hafiz, Ravidass, Rumi, Angelus Silesius, Bulleh Shah & more
  • INSPIRE: a sample of free poetic renderings of Paul Long, vos. 1-4
  • The Birth of Radiance: Free renderings of the Upanishads & other works of Indian Nonduality

Pavel G. Somov (Search Amazon for Pavel G. Somov)

  • An Enso of Nothinglessness: History of the Next Big Bang
  • Skinthink

Peter Francis Dziuban (Search Amazon for Peter Francis Dziuban)

  • Consciousness Is All: Now Life Is Completely New

Peter Russell (Search Amazon for Peter Russell)

  • From Science to God: A Physicist's Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness
  • The Global Brain Awakens: Our Next Evolutionary Leap
  • The White Hole in Time: Our Future Evolution and the Meaning of Now
  • Waking Up In Time: Finding Inner Peace In Times of Accelerating Change

Ramaji (Search Amazon for Ramaji)

  • Enlightenment for Everybody (Vol. 1): Living Day to Day (Early Talks on Advaita, Non-Duality and the Self)
  • Enlightenment For Everybody Vol 2 The Heart (Early Talks on Advaita, Non-Duality and the Self)
  • Enlightenment For Everybody Vol 3: Relationships (Early Talks on Advaita, Non-Duality and the Self)

Ramesh S. Balsekar (Search Amazon for Ramesh S. Balsekar)

  • The Wisdom of Balsekar: The Essence of Enlightenment from the World's Leading Teacher of Advaita

Randall Friend (Search Amazon for Randall Friend)

  • You Are No Thing

Richard Bates (Search Amazon for Richard Bates)

  • The World Is My Mirror

Richard Lang (Search Amazon for Richard Lang)

  • See Who You Really Are

Richard Rohr (Search Amazon for Richard Rohr)

  • The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See

Richard Sylvester (Search Amazon for Richard Sylvester)

Robert Holden, PhD (& Tom Carpenter) (Search Amazon for Robert Holden)

  • A Dialog on Forgiveness: Two Friends & Teachers of Awareness Expand on the Miracle of Forgiveness

Robert Lanza (Search Amazon for Robert Lanza)

  • Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe (with Bob Berman.)
  • One World: The Health and Survival of the Human Species in the 21st Century

Robert Puff, Dr. (Search Amazon for Dr. Robert Puff)

  • Spiritual Enlightenment: Awakening to the Supreme Reality

Robert Wolfe (Search Amazon for Robert Wolfe)

  • Enduring Enrichment
  • Living Nonduality: Enlightenment Teachings of Self-Realization
  • One Essence: The Nondual Clarity of an Ancient Zen Poem
  • Science of the Sages: Scientists Encountering Nonduality from Quantum Physics to Cosmology to Consciousness
  • The Absolute Enigma / Living Nonduality

Robin Craig Clark (& Amanda J. Clark) (Search Amazon for Robin Craig Clark)

  • The Garden: A Non Duality Love Story

Rodney Stevens (Search Amazon for Rodney Stevens

  • Fully Present: Daily Reflections On Nonduality
  • A Vastness All Around: Awakening to Your Natural State

Rumi (Search Amazon for Rumi)

  • In Love's Hands: Free renderings of the mystic poetry of Rumi, Kabir, Dadu, & Tukaram

Rupert Spira (Search Amazon for Rupert Spira)

  • Presence: The Art of Peace and Happiness
  • Presence: The Intimacy of All Experience
  • The Transparency of Things: Contemplating the Nature of Experience

Sally Ross (Search Amazon for Sally Ross)

  • The Selfward Facing Way: A Course for Living the Direct Experience of Your Eternal Nature

Sailor Bob Adamson (Search Amazon for Sailor Bob Adamson)

  • What's Wrong with Right Now?

Sankaracarya (Search Amazon for Sankaracarya)

  • Shankara's Crest-Jewel of Discrimination: Timeless Teachings on Nonduality - The Vivekachudamani

Scott Kiloby (Search Amazon for Scott Kiloby)

  • A Conversation on Non-duality
  • Doorway to Total Liberation: Conversations with What Is
  • Living Relationship: Finding Harmony with Others
  • Love's Quiet Revolution: The End of the Spiritual Search

Shanti Einolander (Search Amazon for Shanti Einolander)

  • The Last Hustle: A True Story

Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar (Search Amazon for Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar)

  • Amrut Laya - The Stateless State
  • Master of Self-Realization - An Ultimate Understandin

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (Search Amazon for Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

  • I Am That
  • The Ultimate Medicine: Dialogues with a Realized Master

Sri Ramana Maharshi (Search Amazon for Sri Ramana Maharshi)

Stephan Bodian (Search Amazon for Stephan Bodian)

  • Wake Up Now: A Guide to the Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Stephen Wolinsky (Search Amazon for Stephen Wolinsky)

  • Quantum Consciousness: The Guide to Experiencing Quantum Psychology

Stuart Schwartz (Search Amazon for Stuart Schwartz)

  • A Conversation On Non-Duality With Stuart Schwartz

Suzanne Foxton (Search Amazon for Suzanne Foxton)

  • The Ultimate Twist: A Novella (FICTION)

Thomas Razzeto (Search Amazon for Thomas Razzeto)

  • Mystical 2012: The Triple Rebirth of the Sun and the Triple Rebirth of You

Timothy Freke (Search Amazon for Timothy Freke)

Tom Carpenter (& Robert Holden, PhD) (Search Amazon for Tom Carpenter)

  • A Dialog on Forgiveness: Two Friends & Teachers of Awareness Expand on the Miracle of Forgiveness

Tony Parsons (Search Amazon for Tony Parsons )

  • As It Is: The Open Secret of Spiritual Awakening
  • The Open Secret
  • Nothing Being Everything

Vicki Woodyard (Search Amazon for Vicki Woodyard )

  • A Guru in the Guest Room
  • Life With a Hole In It: That’s How The Light Gets In

Vijai Shankar, Dr. (Search Amazon for Dr. Vijai Shankar)

  • A Conversation On Non-Duality

Wayne Liquorman (Search Amazon for Wayne Liquorman)

  • A Conversation On Non-duality (AUDIO)
  • Never Mind: A Journey Into Non-duality
  • The Way of Powerlessness: Advaita and The 12 Steps of Recovery

Wu Hsin (Search Amazon for Wu Hsin)

  • The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin: Pointers to Non-Duality in Five Volumes

Zoë Joncheere (Search Amazon for Zoë Joncheere)

  • Living As God: Nothing Is Simpler


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